Juicy cold roast beef served with garlic mayonnaise and baked baguette

159 Kč

Olomoucké tvarůžky (Olmützer Quargel) fried in dark beer batter served with cranberry jam and toasted baguette

119 Kč

Beef tartare prepared from selected beef and served with crispy bread and garlic

179 Kč

Pickled Camembert with onion, herbs and hot pepper, bread

99 Kč

Pickled sausage with hot peppers and onions, bread

99 Kč

Fried potato chips with garlic mayonnaise

99 Kč


Beef broth with liver dumplings, meat, root vegetables and noodles

55 Kč

Genuine goulash soup made of beef leg with potatoes and majoram

55 Kč

Nach Tagesmenü

50 Kč



Juicy pork neck, smoked pork beef, roasted sausage, red and white cabbage, variation of dumplings

289 Kč

Quarter of confit duck served with red cabbage and potato dumplings

299 Kč

Lady Muller style sirloin in cream sauce made with root vegetables and fresh cream, served with cranberry jam and traditional Czech dumplings

219 Kč

Juicy pork neck baked with onion and cumin served with stewed sauerkraut,  potato dumplings and fried onionss

209 Kč

Beef field goulash Otto Katze prepared on black Beer served  with bacon dumplings, onions and pepperoni

209 Kč


Roasted trout fillet with roasted butter vegetable, herb grenaille and hollandaise sauce

285 Kč

Griled chicken breast supreme with roasted butter vegetable and potatoe purée

279 Kč

Confited rabbit leg with roasted spinach and homemade potato pancakes

239 Kč

Lieutenant Makovec's delicacy - pork tenderloin prepared by sous-vide  method with roasted tomatoes, onions, garlic and potato pancakess

289 Kč

Beef sirloin steak with roasted vegetable,demi-glace sauce and herb grenaille

499 Kč

Sliced steak from tall sirloin served with red wine sauce and celery purée with vanilla

439 Kč

Slow stewed beef osso buco with red wine sauce, glazed onions and potato purée

309 Kč

Beef rib slowly roasted in black beer served with baked bread mustard, horseradish and pickled vegetables

299 Kč

Beef Švejkburger with baked bacon and cheese, served in a toasted bun with soft garlic sauce and french fries

275 Kč


Spaetzle with shredded duck meat and roasted root vegetable

179 Kč

Fried Emmental in herb crumbs with fried potato chips and tartar sauce

185 Kč

Fried breaded Edam cheese with homemade tartar sauce

135 Kč


Caesar salad with grilled chicken croutons and fried bacon

219 Kč

Mixed vegetable salad with cold roast beef and vinaigrette dressing

219 Kč

Garden vegetable salad

85 Kč



Cheese dumpling stuffed with nougat wrapped in grated Gingerbread, sweetened sour cream

119 Kč

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

119 Kč

Strawberries with whipped ice cream

89 Kč



Grilled chicken breast with french fries

125 Kč

Chicken schnitzel - Fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes

125 Kč

Lady Muller style sirloin in cream sauce made with root vegetables and fresh cream,  served with traditional Czech dumplings

125 Kč