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Švejk Restaurant

Švejk restaurant "U Pětatřicátníků" is a part of a gastronomic franchise ŠVEJK RESTAURANT, which is run by GASTRO ŠVEJK Ltd. also operating Švejk restaurant "U Zeleného stromu" in Nepomuk.

As well as any other Švejk Restaurant, ‘’U PĚTATŘICÁTNÍKŮ’’ has its unique atmosphere and takes us back to the time of the Austro - Hungarian Empire in the early 20th century with its, for that period typical, interior, hardwood floors, wooden furniture and paneling. The design is complemented by stained glass themed drawings by Josef Lada and the omnipresent face of Good Soldier Švejk.

Our restaurant offers welcoming environment with the capacity of 170 seats. The second floor, a lounge for 50 people, is ideal for corporate events, birthday parties, graduation celebrations, weddings and graduation dinners.
In summer, there is a restaurant garden available to 80 guests and located in a quiet courtyard offering a beautiful view at the Pilsen tower. We look forward to your visit. We provide quality Czech cuisine, we pride ourselves on quality ingredients, original way of waiting on our customers, highly profesional service and great Pilsner beer.